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Slider-crank mechanism for long stroke 3

Crank length: a

Conrod length: b

Eccentricity of the slider crank mechanism: e

(distance between rotary axis of the crank and line tracing by a point on axis of the slider pin)

Key factor for this mechanism: e = b – a Stroke length of the slider: L = 4.sqrt(a.b)

So theoretically, with a given crank of constant radius a, it is possible to get the stroke length L as long as desired by increasing the conrod length b.

If b = a; l = 4a

Here: a = 30 ; b= 60 ; L = 169.7

Working cycle corresponds with two revolutions of the crank. Green curve is locus of the conrod middle point.

Dead position: when crank and conrod are in line.

This mechanism is numbered as 175 in the book “507 mechanical movements”, 1868.

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