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Four Bar Mechanism

If you would like to know how to use this program please wath the video.

AC Length BD Length AB Length CD Length CE Length EF Length Radio Name
120 300 240 300 600 0 2 Hoeken's Linkage
200 200 282 282 141 0 4 Lemniscate of Bernoulli
200 200 282 282 141 0 3 Parallelogram

How do the components of the animation work?

You can move the animation right or left by using horizontal slider.
You can move the animation up or down by using vertical slider.
You MUST press the Submit button after you have entered a value into the Red, Green, Black and Blue Text boxes.
After pressing Submit button move the animation slightly by using one of the slider (There is a bug!).
You can change the rotation speed of the crank by changing the value in the rotation speed text box.
Setting the rotation speed to zero will stop the crank.