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Planar manipulator 3

Three inputs: brown, blue and orange gears.

Output: pink gripper support (fixed to pink gear) performing planar motion.

The video shows alternately:

1. Only brown assembly (gear and crank) turns, the pink support translates linearly along the line connecting centers of brown and pink gears.

2. Only blue gear turns, the pink support translates circularly around revolution joint of brown and green cranks.

3. Only orange gear turns, the pink support turns around its revolution joint with the green crank.

4. The three inputs turn back to their initial positions.

Transmission ratio between orange and pink gears: 1 (when brown and green cranks are kept immobile). Tooth numbers of orange, grey and pink gears are equal.

Transmission ratio between blue and green gears: 2 (when brown crank is kept immobile).

Advantage: actuators for the inputs are grounded (not shown).

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